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Laid-back joint featuring pizzas, beers & live music nights in unfussy digs with an outdoor patio.

Good food great atmosphere especially on Wednesday nights with Mike Perkins live!
— Eric
Great atmosphere & food with excellent/friendly staff! Lots of fun for Buckeyes / sports games and live music. 
— Colin


 Coaches Patio is a fantastic place to have parties for any occasion, big or small.



Valerie B.

Coaches has been a Gahanna tradition for a long time, definitely a neighborhood bar. I tried the pizza about a year ago and not sure what was going on in the kitchen but it was not good. Went back yesterday for a big party, had several different kinds of pizza and all of it was top notch. Crispy crust with cornmeal, old school pepperonis that curl up when you cook them, like it should. The sauce is flavorful, everything was great. I'm glad I gave them a second chance and tried the pizza again, I see a lot of reviews on here are from a while ago, you owe it to yourself to give them another chance.


Matt G.

Solid dive bar armed a cheap Happy Hour in Gahanna!Since adventuring in Gahanna more these days, we were looking for an inexpensive dive bar similar to a couple ones we had found downtown. This has been the closest thing we have found yet. It was pretty dead during our first visit. So, service was quite attentive. Granted, we went on a Monday during Happy Hour (3-6PM).That being said, there are daily specials (found on their website) and their Happy Hour is well and domestics. Food looked good, but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Setting the bar at typical bar food, but we will see.We will be back and I hope to have an update afterwards :)


Ruphus A.

Never another dollar. Because, they sell food. . .  They wouldn't allow us to eat our "outside food" during a bar crawl Stop. I hope the loss in revenue was worth it to them!


Shankar R.

I have been here quite a few times and I have not experienced any service issues . I have had prompt and friendly service . What keeps me going back? I think hands down they have the best pizza in town. I really like the crispy crust and the veggie toppings. Perfect salt and cheese. It's yummy pizza every time. I also  like their fried dill pickles .  The service is good and the restrooms are clean.Sure the decor and furniture is dated andOld but the place has some character. It's clean and  the tv is not loud.It's a comfortable place to hang out with a friend or even meet casually with a client. Did I mention the pizza is really good? Try the veggie pizza .  The lunch prices are a steal.


Jeff W.

Went here with another family for an informal and impromptu birthday dinner.   Even though we had 3 kids in our party under 18, and this place is basically a bar, the food and service was great!!Pizza was great, chicken was great and the fried pickles and pasta chips were great.  We went early on a Friday so the crowd hadn't rolled in yet.   I can't compliment the server enough!   She kept the kid's drinks full and checked on us often!They even had a small stage and live music, tonight it was 2 acoustic guitars. Very good!  Thanks for a nice night!


Jeff G.

Normally hole in the wall places are pretty cool and campy, but this is a place just above a dump.  Neglected.  Don't waste your time.


Ben M.

Trying something new w/ my close friend looking for food, drinks, and pool.We walk in the front door to a completely empty indoor bar and a sign that directs us to the patio only.  Pool table is indoors so clearly we are out of luck...Get out to the patio and get a drink quickly which I appreciate.  Pool suspended, we ask for a menu and we go over our options.From there, we explored our options which were slim.  It was surprising that a patio that sat over 100 guests could have ONE on staff for such a beautiful day.  We had our drinks and left.Understaffed and complacent service was enough to turn us away immediately.  We cashed out at the pace of the one bartender, who I sympathize with in order to promote and provide good service to two new patrons.The beautiful outdoor bar is wasted on what seems to be a "phone it in" attitude towards new customers.Keep your regulars Coaches.  The rest of us will go some where else.


Chris Z.

Wouldn't recommend. "Known for their pizza." Go to Katie's Pizza down the street, if you're looking for a good pie. Nothing worse than sitting at a bar getting mean mugged by the bartenders "boy" while waiting for your food. Classic bar where the employees are just there to make a buck.I will admit, 3 years ago... good pizza.


Sydney H.

I went in last night with my boyfriend for cocktails and dinner. Turns out, this is more of a beer place. The bartender was mediocre but nice. I had asked for a drink menu, explaining I don't drink often. I was told they are between menus and didn't have one available. So I asked about cocktails, and instead was given options relating to shots. I had declined, and my partner asked for a beer. She did not provide me any water, when she returned with his beer and when I asked, she instead suggested I drink pop.We placed our order, and when the food came out, we were not asked if everything looked okay or if we needed anything else. Half way through, I had to wave her over to ask for additional dressing for my salad. I was attempting to give her time to check back, but she failed to do so.The food itself was okay. Reasonable prices for what you get. I just wish my service had been better.


Kathryn D.

I had to give a star just to add my review. This was my first time going to and it will be my last. Let me first begin to say we tried making a phone call to place an order and nobody ever picked up the phone. Tried all day to discuss our unhappiness with the food and customer service.Went with a couple of other colleagues from work, and we placed our order and the waitress the never checked on us again. It was 45 minutes before we got our meal, but that didn't happen until we told her that we needed it boxed up and we wanted our tickets to go; because it took so long and we had to get back to work. Can't imagine three chicken wraps and Fries would have taken 45 minutes. Once we got to work with our food it was cold, the wraps were hard, like they were drying out and the cheese was dried from sitting. A couple of us started eating are wraps in the car on the way back to work, they were cold when hit the parking lot.It was not a very good experience at all.No customer service, it was not busy so there was no reason that we couldn't have been properly taken care of.


Lauren C.

The bartender was not helpful at all. We were given used cups, one of which had lipstick residue from the previous user. Disgusting! The amount of fries were equivalent to a kid's fry at McDonalds. Stopped by this bar after the Gahanna Blues Festival but we should've went elsewhere!


Lynn D.

A bar with food. That pretty much describes it. We had a pizza which was ok but nothing to phone home about. Either the place was being refurbished or it's just not well set up.  The floor was a grungy concrete and the entry was filled with building trash. Most of the customers seemed to be regulars and the server was friendly. We were there for lunch and it seemed there was only one server and one person in the kitchen so everything was incredibly slow.  Not an awful place but not great one either.


Nick M.

Spacious patio, very good pizza and good prices on the drinks. Kind of a dive bar and I'm not too fond of the feeling like you're sitting on the side of a busy street but there are far worse places to gather. I do get a kick out of the fact this used to be a bank, but feel they missed an opportunity in design where they could have played that up more rather than just use the old vault as a storage room.


Kelvin N.

Pizza = great... At least I think so. I will go there just to get a pizza. Servers have always been friendly to my wife and I. Otherwise... Needs some upgrades. Any bar on a Saturday evening that runs out of my favorite draft beer (fat tire), and is limited on alcohol has either an ownership or management problem. When you only have 4 beers on tap, you should never run out. Place could be a lot better.


Lora M.

We love this place!  It is in my hometown and there is always somebody there I know when we stop by for a pizza and a beer.  Love the crispy crust and the generous toppings to the edge.  The fried pickles are spicy and the salads are small but fresh.  The patio is the place to be in the summer and there is live music every week. There are cornhole leagues you can sign up for and this place is always supporting charitable functions. An all around fun, good place to hang out, though no children after 9:00 pm


Marianne M.

I went here for the first time tonight. The place has apparently been around FOREVER so I decided to check it out. First off, it needs some work. I don't think it's ever been updated....but that's ok, I don't care about decor. The service was SLOWWWWWWWW - I mean, we were there for 90 minutes and just wanted to grab dinner, it wasn't like we were drinking. They were also completely dead. I counted maybe 5 people in the whole place. It took forever for every single thing. For the 3 of us we only got 1 menu. The wings were outstanding, probably the best wings I've ever had, to be honest. My husband liked his chicken wrap. The fries were ok but the pasta chips left a lot to be desired. It's apparently fried pizza dough with some seasoning. This simple meal took 90 MINUTES! Oh, and they don't have a kids menu so that's kinda tough. Also, the server was very sweet and friendly but we had to ask for things like napkins, silverware, salt, etc - so I'm not sure serving is her forte. Good wings, I'd go back for the wings for sure....but wow is that service slow.


Anna D.

For the price you pay the food is worth it. It's your typical greasy American comfort food! The best is the half off lunch special and which is when I order the specialty pizzas. They are pretty good for fast casual dining!!


Gundy L.

I'm disgusted with how I was treated. I mistakenly left my card here after meeting a few friends here on St. Patrick's Day. I had one beer and kept my tab open in case I wanted to order food. A short time passes and I leave forgetting my card. I come to find the following day after reading my statement that the single beer I had purchased cost me over 18 dollars. I call and talk to a bartender and try to cordially explain the situation, she rudely accuses me of "forgetting" that I or my friends ordered something on my tab. After one beer I hardly think that I could forget that. I immediately asked to speak to a manager and received a call sometime later and this person accuses me of the same thing. I can understand amidst the chaos if they accidentally charged me; however, they should immediately remedy the situation if I disagree and have the witnesses to attest to it. After some finagling the manager agreed to pay me upfront for the remainder of the bill in cash. Throughout this process I remained open-minded and continuously attempted to understand their situation, but constantly being questioned and told that it was my mistake and then to accuse my friends of using my card without my permission crossed the line. As for the service and food, it's as you'd expect given the other reviews-ok, not good. This experience pushed it from a 3 to a 1 star.I will not be returning, nor will I recommend this to any friends.Good luck.


Julie M.

Stopped in to watch NCAA tournament, place was dead and depressing. Red-headed Bartender screamed at us when we asked her to tell us what was on tap. We ordered beers, she served several other guests totally forgetting us. We left, if I wanted nasty beer served from solo cup and no customer service I would have gone to frat party.


Liz P.

Ricks CoachesGahanna, OhioI always thought this was a sports bar, until recently.  I mean there name says "Coaches" but really I would beg to differ on the entire Sports theme...Atmosphere: This place had mediocre at best atmosphere. I guess I was looking for a Sports theme, which there was none.We did go there on a Saturday night during the football play-offs, for any "Sports" bars I would assume there should be some sort of beer special, but there was none. But you all know what happens when you assume... (Insert cheesy cliché saying here). You will however get a hell of a deal on a bucket of beer of 5 domestic beers for 13.75 (Insert sarcasm here).I guess what I am saying is this joint is overpriced, there is little to be said about the non-existing sports bar theme except for the tiny TV above my head.I also guess that if you advertise you are a Sports bar and suggest it in the name that you would not have a live band (blues band at that) play during double OT during the football playoffs. So no one can actually here the end of the game. However, we did here a band warming up for their set to be played the game. Really??? I think this was the hardest thing for me to overcome. Food:  Just do not order it, get food before you go unless you like over paying for crappy Sysco food...Had their pizza, not worth the hefty price.... Sauce is lacking any flavor they barely put any cheese on it and all the staff says it's great. I think they tell you to get the pizza because it's better than their poorly constructed sub sandwiches that are extremely overpriced for the quality of food. You can definitely tell that Sysco delivers there. Thanks for your frozen chicken tenders, and your undercooked French Fries.I would not mind paying a couple of bucks extra if the food was good quality. Staff: What would one expect from staff that sits at the bar hanging on their boyfriends while they should be working. However, most of the staff was somewhat friendly.  Don't worry I am sure I will not return to this "sports bar" to watch any games.

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